The Open Circle

 (Solo Show)

June 2015

Action Field Kodra Thessaloniki

curated by Panagis Koutsokostas

Catalogue: THE OPEN CIRCLE – Catalogue



From a large file of materials and images that I gradually collected and recognized in this an inappropriate imagery, I started to choose strictly what could be turned into something universal, denying its’ so far existence.

In my works, I convert the simple object in universal. I use everything that the Man rejects due to ownership, damage or habit.

Dipoles, such as effort and failure, the rise and descent, light and darkness, heavy material and light spirit hold strong positions.

Keeping distinct the intention of past reports, I draw works’ circuits with archaeological and primitive approach, which are derived from fragments of matter and image.





Searching for a different relationship between plasticity and sharpness, I lead to the composition of works by selecting different techniques depending on the needs of each project separately.

As a ‘collector’ ‘trying to enrich the collection with works by which he is identified, he looks for something poetic and aggressive.

This would exceed the value of matter and intent. Something like flying presence; like a bird without legs, which is constantly doomed to fly, and asks for rest.






Photography by Lazaros Grekos  –  pSari visual productions