Alexandros Labrovasilis – Konstantinos Stamatiou – Dimitris Fragakis

Depo Darm – Contemporary art space ,  Athens

Oct 21 – Nov 25  / 2015


 The leveling force of “Time Effecting” creates a never ending evolving situation, out of which the special moments that are isolated, define the human history, specifying the experiences, the mentality, the psychology and finally the future of each and every one of us. Time is affecting everything and we act as witnesses who notice its effects; it is the ultimate regulator of all life in universe: children are born and getting older, groups of people are united for a common purpose and then partitioned, small places turn into large cities and then destroyed, wars define countries and natural disasters ravage human race, economical situations are changing living standards, scientific developments lead to miracles. The effects of time identify any area of life.



Dimitris Fragakis in his paintings, drawings and digital sculpture prints, collects a few seemingly random moments and presents them through a symbolic connotation. Borrowing much of his produced imagery from newspapers & rubbish magazines, internet spams and personal photography collections, he tends to minimize the visual impact of realist imagery in favor of abiding illusion of time and space. He approaches the indissoluble living situations, taking people into a new state of spirituality. Focusing in an imaginary body armor that could be designated as a protective shield against the ceaseless force of time, attempting to express the man’s anguish of being mortal in an immortal developing world and promoting the caustic and tragic side of the future reality as an unsafe area.